Your Apartment in Paris

Novice visitors to Paris scour the internet, craft a basic itinerary of the major sights to see in the city, buy their airline tickets online, and make reservations at a hotel.

Great. Good for them.

But you’re no travel rookie. You’re no newbie.

You use your phone to buy your airline tickets…with Hopper. (Just download the app and save around 50% off the price of your airfare.)

The second thing you do is skip the hotel, where rooms can be closet-sized, service hit-or-miss unless you’re going tres lux, with unapologetic prices to top it all off. Get an apartment, cher.

Get a nice apartment, your apartment in Paris. Be a local for a week or two, and pay weekly rates for accommodations, not nightly rates for just a room. Split the expense with a friend and double the fun.

Shop at a local market. Cook a meal at home. Have some (new, French) friends over for dinner or just drinks. Settle in, if only for a brief period of time. Let the idea of coming back…again, and again, and again…cross your mind.

In coming posts, we’re going to profile companies here in Paris that offer charming apartments for rent at reasonable prices in historic neighborhoods.

So pull out that calendar.  Add up that vacation time. Let’s make some plans…

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