L’Eau de Cassis – Part 2

Last month, we had a chance to spend a moment with the lovely folks at L’Eau de Cassis in the Marais.

We returned to the shop recently and discussed the fragrance company’s plans and history in a little more detail with Luca, the shop’s owner, and son of Fabrice Cicot, the company’s head…and nose.

A ‘nose’, in this context, is not just something you cut off to spite your face. A ‘nose’ is an expert in recognizing and composing the various ingredients and scents that make up a particular fragrance. It is a particular French concept, and it is a rare and highly respected talent.

Luca, with a photo of his father, Fabrice. Photo: Weatherford Bradley. 

It is also, from what we understand, an ability one is born with. If it is there, the skill can be developed and expertise…even mastery…attained. But if you don’t have it, no amount of training or study will deliver it to your door.

In our last conversation, Luca waved a dismissive hand at the idea of the L’Eau de Cassis brand becoming a global behemoth. With only a few well-placed boutiques in France at present, and only tentative plans for a new shop in Belgium, it’s not likely that you’ll find the fragrance on sale anywhere but in France for the foreseeable future.

And to this we say, Good. Because it’s not just the unique and vibrant fragrance that Luca, his father, and this family offer: it’s the experience.  Family-owned, artisan quality, personal service.

These things can never be mass-produced.

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